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When is your next payday
Today: 03/10/2022
Successive installments will expire one every 30 days from the date of payment of the previous one.
Amount requested
Interest (25%)*
Commission (12%)
Payments and amount per payment**
Date of the first installment
Total to pay
* For example, a loan of €100 to be repaid in 1 installment over 30 days generates interest of €25 and a commission of €12. The total amount to be returned is €137. The debtor rate applied to the capital is 25% monthly and a 12% opening commission. Annualized is (25%+12%) *12 months = 444%, being the APR = (1+444%/12)^12 -1 = 4271.67%.
** The amount of the installments may vary according to the date of the first payment selected.